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How to Measure for Carpet

If you follow these steps correctly you will order the right amount of carpet and will find installing it easier:

Let’s say this is the house and you want to measure for the 3 bedrooms with the closets and living room.

You already have the size of each room.  Now measure the closets too.  Make sure you measure all the way past the door so the carpet meets the room.

15’ x 17’6”

15’ x 16’3”

15’ x 16’3”

15’ x 21’10”

15’ x 18’9”

Now let’s say the closets in the master bedroom were 6’ x 2’4”.

Start by drawing the Master bedroom on a piece of graph paper.  Your drawing will look somewhat like this:

Because carpet rolls are usually 12’ I have put a dotted line where the first cut of carpet ends.  I will have to fill the space with and additional 3’.  It is important to always run the carpet the same direction.  We can will find the fills later.

I have also started a second paper where I will accumulate and label the cuts.  The first cut includes the room length, the closet depth, and 4” for cutting margins.

Now I draw the second bedroom and closet.  I also add the next cut to my cut sheet.  Bedroom 2 is identical.

Now we ad the Living Room, and the cut for the living room.  Remember to ad about 4” for cutting purposes.

At this point we have all but the fills.  Adding 4” to the width, we know we have to have several 3’4” pieces.  To have fewer seams we will figure out the lengths by each room.  The Master Bed Room is 17’6” if we add another 4” we need a piece about 5’11” long (E,F,G).


Simply follow the same steps for the fills in the remaining rooms.  I would suggest laying out the carpet several different ways looking to avoid seams in traffic areas and across traffic patterns or outdoor lighting.  You will probably find that the amount of carpet needed will vary with each different layout.